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Slitting Line

Specifications of Slitting Line:


The Thinnest Alloyed Steel down to 0.10 mm
The Thickest Carbon Steel up to 16 mm

Strip Width

The Narrowest 400 mm
The Widest> 2200 mm

Coils Weight

up to 45 tons

Line Speed

up to 700 m/min

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Application materials: cold/hot rolled coils
2. Materials standard: Domestic steel sheet or international standards
3. Strength of extension: b≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa,
4. Thickness of materials: 0.5-2.5mm,
5. Width of materials: 500-1500(Max)
6. Steel coil inner diameter: ф508
7. Steel coil outer diameter;ф1500(Max)
8. Steel coil weight: 15000kg
9. The vertical scissors shaft diameter: ф180 Materials: 50Cr
10. The vertical scissors: ф180×ф320×15
11. Materials of the vertical scissors: 9SiCr

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