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MSBM Project

Advantage of MSBM:

1. MSBM system is a unique, advanced and mobile factory, which is applied in different areas.
2. MSBM system can build metal buildings in multi-shape.
3. MSBM system including one independent software, with which the whole system can be controlled all by computer, the supermatic can save labour and time.
4. MSBM system can utilize inter space 100% without any waste.
5. MSBM project is easy to install, can be done effectively in shorter time with lower cost, less raw material than traditional projects.
Founded in 2000, Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of steel drum production line, arch sheet forming machine (Arch sheet roll forming project/machine) in China. Here, we mainly provide steel drum production line, arch sheet equipment (PRO-120 arch sheet forming machine, PRO-240 arch sheet forming machine), arch sheet project, PU spray and perfusion machine (polyurethane foam spraying machine, high-pressure polyurethane spray and perfusion machine), roll forming machine (such as sandwich panel forming machine, glazed tile forming machine, etc), colored steel coil, and plate slitting machine, etc. With lots of experienced professional technicians and convenient transportation, we have gain favor of customers from many different countries around the world, such as Mexico, India, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Iraq, Colombia, Albania, Mongolia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Guatemala, etc. If you need arch sheet forming machine(Arch sheet roll forming project), please contact us.
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