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Multi-shape Building Machine

Roll Forming Machine


Main Technical Specification:

Size : 11000mmX2200mmX2100mm(With double axles 8 tires) Total Weight : About 10 Ton
Thickness of Bending Leaf : 10mm Cutting Material : 12CrMoV, Heat treatment
Cutting type : Hydraulic Cutting Device Forming type: Roll-formed and length-set cutting.
Total motor power : 19.15KW
Main Motor Power : 5.5KW
Bending Power : 3.0KW+2.2KW
Hydraulic station power: 5.5KW
Servo power: 0.75KW
Seaming Power : 1.1KW+1.1KW
Material of rollers : 45# steel, quenched HRC 55~65 , plated with hard chrome. Material of shafts : 45# steel, galvanized
Bearing : made in Harbin Step of molding : 13+1
Width of steel sheet: Feeding width : 600mm
Finished width : 305mm
Utilization ratio: 50.8%
Rolling thickness: 0.6-1.5mm Applicable Span : 5~20m
Working Speed : Straight Sheet : 15m/min
Arch Sheet : 13m/min
Seaming : 16m/min
Uncoiler :
Coil Inner-diameter :450mm ~ 650mm,
Fixed Coil Max width :600~620mm
Load :10Ton

Feature of MSBM:

1. MSBM system is a unique, advanced and mobile factory, which is applied in different areas.
2. MSBM system can build metal buildings in multi-shape.
3. MSBM system including one independent software, with which the whole system can be controlled all by computer, the supermatic can save labour and time.
4. MSBM system can utilize inter space 100% without any waste.
5. MSBM project is easy to install, can be done effectively in shorter time with lower cost, less raw material than traditional projects.

Difference between PRO multi-shape arch plate forming machine & UBM (k span machine, super k span machine) made by MIC.

PRO multi-shape arch plate forming machine is vertical machine with triple axles. It can lower the cost of project by labour-saving. Mechanical control or hydraulic control is optional.
All the Ultimate Building Machine made by MIC have triple axles, length is 10400mm, fully controlled by hydraulic.
Parameter of PRO multi-shape arch plate forming machine as follow:
Material of shaft: 45# high-quality steel, galvanized. Material of roller: 45# high-quality steel, quenched, hard chrome plating. Material of cutter: 12CrMoV, heat treatment. Machine adopts automotive rear bridge as the axle, equipped with tires of 900-20 size, can load more and has better impact resistance and damping effect.
K span machine made by MIC has all steel and burnished alumium construction, precision steel forming rollers with hard chrome plating.
3. Software
PRO multi-shape arch plate forming machine is equipped with PLC, servo motor, and software which is designed by local engineer.
UBM(k span machine, super k span machine) made by MIC is fully controlled by software loaded on the machine.
4. Operation
PRO multi-shape arch plate forming machine has a simple structure, which is easy to operate, and easy for training.
Ultimate Building Machine made by MIC has a complex structure; the operator has to be trained professionally before operating.
5. Price
Selling price of PRO arch plate forming machine is from US$100,000 to US$200,000.
Selling price of Super K span machine made by MIC is much higher than PRO arch plate forming machine.
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