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Screw-jointed Equipment

Equipment configuration

8 T Automatic feeding device (1 piece), Leveling machine (1 piece), Support platform (1 piece), Edge-punching (1set of mold), Ends-punching (1set of mold ), Shearing machine(1 piece), Forming machine (1 piece), Bending machine 1 piece (1set of mold), Hydraulic system, Electrical control system, Support for finished product, etc.

Technological process

Loading (load & expand galvanized coil on decoiler) → Feeding & Leveling (prepare flat galvanized sheet for punching) → Edge-punching & Ends-punching on flat galvanized sheet →& Shearing punched sheet → Roll forming sheared sheet → Bending Roll formed sheet


1. The machine can produce different length panel according to the project requirements.
2. It can be transported to the construction site straightly when it finished on workshop.
3. Dismounting very convenient.
4. The building has 100% available space, it can install lighting, pipeline, ventilation, keep warm and cooling system.
5. It is removable building.

Working Process

1. Built the buildings foundation
2. Transport the finished arch panel to construction site
3. Jointing the arch panel together
4. Hoisting and fastening the jointed arch panels
5. Reinforce arch panel and foundation together
6. Built the gable of two sides.
7. Built the door and window of the buildings
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