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PU-F2008 PU spray and perfusion equipment


1. The PROPU-F2008 polyurethane spray and perfusion equipment is more advanced compared to other types, bigger heating power, less weight and better flexibility.
2. We provide various types of double spray guns, so you have more choices. The spray and perfusion function could be easily exchanged by changing the spray gun head.
3. Auto reset settings enable the pump to restore back to the next point by the end of every working day, and the pump life expectancy is prolonged.
4. To make the process safer, we have the control system of various power heating temperature, which can prevent overheating and rapid stop issue.
5. The new type of PROPU-F2008 could widely be used in refrigeratory thermal insulation, building exterior, roof warm keeping and roof waterproof, sports venues, Air-condition insulation, automobile and naval vessels, solar water heater, etc.


Standard Configuration
Mainframe 1 set
Spray gun 1set
Heating and preserved pipe 15m
Connecting pipe for spray gun 1.5m
Max. Pipe length 90m (optional)
Transfer pump 2 sets
Technical Parameter
Power Source 380V 50/60Hz/3 Phases
Air Source 0.5~0.8Mpa (70~120psi) ≥ 0.9m3/min
Output 4~8kg/min
Heating device power for material 3000W×2 (or optional: 4500W×2)
Heating power for pipe heating 3500w
Single component output pressure 5~10Mpa (700~1500psi)
Heat temperature 80℃
Shipping Parameter
Weight 125kg
Volume 800×700×1100 (mm)
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