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PU-109 PU foam machine

Technical Parameter:
Mainframe: 1 set
Spray gun: 1set
Pump: 2set
Pouring time: 99.9S
Temperature control: ≤25℃
Heating and preserved pipe: 5m
Power of pump: 740W,1400r/min
Air Pump: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Power Source: 380v, 50HZ,3PHASE
1. This machine has one tank separated by left side and right side. The insulation material from two independent tanks flows into two sets of piston dosing pump.
2. Setting up the motor, two sets of piston dosing pump working, the black and white liquid mixed together under certain ratio.
3. And by the compressed air into the shower nozzle, with the mixed liquid changing into the atomizing material, then this material jet to the roof through the spray nozzle, thus completing spraying foam.

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