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Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine

No. Item Qty.
1 Passive de-coiler 1 piece
2 Roll forming machine 1 piece
3 Hydraulic cutting blade 1 set
4 Hydraulic station 1 piece
5 Computer control counter 1 piece
6 Run out table 3 pieces

Profile drawing

Roll Forming Machine

Main parameter

1. De-coiler: manual operation, passively de-coiling
2. Loading of de-coiler: 5 T
3. Frame of machine: welded with 350H beam steel
4. Guide feeding way of forming: side direction roller type
5. Forming machine type: wallboard and chain drive
6. Diameter of shaft: ¢76mm
7. Chain: 16A single row
8. Motor power of forming machine: 5.5KW
9. Line speed of forming machine: 5-17m/min
10.Steps of forming machine: 18
11.Roller material: superior 45# steel forging
12.Thickness of Chrome plated on roller: 0.05mm
13.Hydraulic station motor: 4 KW
14.Hydraulic station oil pump: gear pump
15.Cutting way: cut off after hydraulic shaped
16.Cutting blade material: Cr12
17.Cutting blade heat treatment: HRC58º-60
18.Rolling thickness: 0.4-0.8 mm
19.Feeding width: 1250mm
20. Precision of cut-to-length: ±2mm
21.Frequency changer : Panasonic
22.Computer adopts PLC : Panasonic
23. Dimension of machine: 8.5M x 1.6M x 0.8M

Technological process

Passively de-coiling → Guiding & Feeding material → Roll Forming →Cutting-to-length → Output panel

Technological process figure

Roll Forming Machine

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