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Arch Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Description of Arch Sheet Machine (Arch sheet roll forming Machine):

We have steel-structure building/projects business both domestic and external, and we also use our own machines, so we can give you full technical support for machines and projects, including designing the project, making the drawings etc. Our engineer has more than 10 years of experience, and we can design and produce according to client requirement.

Features of Arch Sheet Machine (Arch sheet roll forming Machine):

1. All the rollers are made from high quality structural steel and also after strict processing. The rollers' surface is plated with hard chromium. With a high performance in both hardness and life expectancy.
2. In the process of pressing, all the colored steel would be pressed to 0.5~1.5mm-thick by the power set. It's not necessary to adjust the clearance between the pressing rolls for different steel thickness, because the steel is able to be delivered out without scuffing the coating film. This is just like a "foolproof camera", simple operation process, high qualified production.
3. To measure the finished sheet, we use electronic measurement instrument and mechanical measurement instrument. To adjust the bending of arch sheet, we use helping hand wheel and counter to simplify this operation and guarantee the quality and the dimensional precision
4. The hoisting tool is light and handy (US hoisting tool weights 30KG, Our company hoisting tool weights 2KG), easy to load and unload, high hoisting speed.
5. The joining type of self-lock makes the roof safe and easy to load. Also make the roof high performance in water-proofing and storm-resistance. The curving roof can be produced from worksite directly, with high efficiency and low cost.

Operation of Arch Sheet Machine (Arch sheet roll forming Machine):

The production is widely used in large-scale and mid-scale industrial construction, as factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre and so on.

Difference between PRO arch plate forming machine & ABM (k span machine, super k span machine) made by MIC:

There are four shapes of PRO arch plate forming machine, they are machine with single axle, machine with double axles, machine with triple axles and floor type machine.
The machine is convenient and flexible when the length of it is 8900mm, or there will be larger working place on the 11690mm length machine. Here are horizontal machine and vertical machine. Mechanical control or hydraulic control is optional. All the Automatic Building Machine made by MIC have triple axles, length is 10400mm, fully controlled by hydraulic.
Parameters of PRO arch plate forming machine as follow:
Material of shaft: 45# high-quality steel, galvanized. Material of roller: 45# high-quality steel, quenched, hard chrome plating. Material of cutter: 12CrMoV, heat treatment. Machine adopts automotive rear bridge as the axle, equipped with tires of 900-20 size, can load more and has better impact resistance and damping effect.
K span machine made by MIC has all Steel and burnished aluminum construction, precision steel forming rollers with hard chrome plating.
PRO arch plate forming machine is equipped with PLC and servo motor, no software is loaded on the machine. UBM(k span machine, super k span machine) made by MIC is fully controlled by software loaded on the machine.
PRO arch plate forming machine has a simple structure, which is easy to operate, and easy for training.
Automatic Building Machine made by MIC has a complex structure; the operator has to be trained professionally before operating.
Selling price of PRO arch plate forming machine is from US$30,000 to US$100,000.
Selling price of Super K span machine made by MIC is much higher than PRO arch plate forming machine.
plate forming machine.
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